My Personal List Of 5 Good Fats So Know Which Kind of Fat Is Good For You

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So what the heck – fat can be good or bad?


Here are my personal 5 favorite types of Good Fat that I eat every day.

  1. Nuts
  2. Full fat Greek Yogurt
  3. Avocados
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Eggs

These fats keep me full in between meals and give me a nice satisfied feeling in my belly after I eat them.

What are your favorite good fats?


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There’s incredible confusion about fats.

Starting in the 1980’s research on fat became more and more common place.

This was around the same type research on stress became more commonplace as well.

Within a few years the national conscience changed towards fat.

Fat and stress were now seen as public health enemies.

Fat was seen to be the cause of heart attacks and also the number one killer in America, heart disease.

A full on War On Obesity began.

However, something unfortunate happened.

We went too fat in our demonization of fat.

Fat became the enemy.

And yes, fat can be harmful.

No doubt about that.

Those greasy french fries? Yeah, they are gunna give you a heartattack in a few years.

But there are incredibly good sources of fats as well.

And these good sources of fats are the key to beating sugar addiction and food cravings.

My top 5 sources of good fats are:

  1. Nuts
  2. Full fat Greek Yogurt
  3. Avocados
  4. Olive Oil
  5. Eggs

Now I know eggs might give you a scare.

And it’s true that is you have some pre-existing blood conditions, or are close to being diabetic, then perhaps eggs aren’t so good of an idea.

However, if eaten in moderation, then eggs can be an amazing source of fat.

95% of people can eat around 2-3 eggs each day and be totally fine.

But overall, the fear behind eggs is the same fear behind fat in general.

The most common thing I hear when people start hearing about eating and incorporating more fat into their diet is asking:

Won’t this make me fat though?

And the answer is …


You’ve been taught incorrectly, that fat leads to obesity.

That’s true …

But only partially true.

There are good fats which contain many benefits.

Some of these benefits include feeling satisfied from your food during a meal and after a meal.

This feeling of satisfaction is what ultimately leads to weight loss, better eating habits and more joy with food, and more trust with your bodily instincts.

Let’s examine what happens when we don’t have fats incorporated into our diet.

Well, there’s really only one thing that happens.

We don’t feel satisifed.

We get hungry almost as soon as we finish eating.

Have you ever had that experience where you finish eating something, and you’re belly is full, but you want to keep eating?

Well, this phenonemon is very common and big part of it is because you aren’t eating enough fats in your diet.

When you don’t eat fats, you get hungry.

Too hungry.

By the time your next meal, you are in a ravenous state.

This means you rapidly inhale your food, your belly gets stretched out, and you aren’t satisfied because you ate quickly.

Even after you finish eating, you are not satisfied because your belly remembers that the last meal you had without fat wasn’t satisfying.

It’s insanity.

However, when you have fat incorporated into your diet, fat can make it so you enter into feeding times with just the right amount of hunger.

Not too much, but not too little either.

See, a little bit of hunger is a good thing.

And fats burn and digest more slowly in your stomach and intestines that do proteins or carbohydrates.

So the fat is like a coal, whereas carbs are like firewood.

The coal is still burning a few hours after being lit, whereas the firewood has long been burned up.

So when you eat fats, the fats burn in your belly like coals. You stay full for longer.

Then when it’s time to eat again, you haven’t been hungry for hours and aren’t ravenously hungry.

So you can eat peacefully, enjoy your food, and when you enjoy your food and your belly knows it’ll be satisfied and not hungry for hours to come, then the belly will give you a pleasant, satisfied feeling.

And you won’t get fat either!

By eating fats you will actually get full.

You won’t have nearly the temptations to snack and eat extra food …

Because you’ll be satisfied.

This element of food satisfaction is incredibly important!

And the good news is is that you can test this principle out for yourself right away!

Go ahead, incorporate more fat into 2 or 3 meals out of your day.

Experiment and let me know what happens!

Nutrition Made Easy – Losing Weight With A Healthy Diet

The most obvious outcome is how your nutrition habits effect you physically. Nevertheless, the difference in quality is worth the effort. Are we there yet?… ,” every few minutes causing grave distress to the parents.

My Personal List Of 5 Good Fats So Know Which Kind of Fat Is Good For You

Good Nutrition Starts With You

Then commit yourself towards these steps and gradually you will find yourself taking a healthy diet even without noticing. What I will do is give you a simple method for finding healthy foods. What is the different between weight loss and fat loss?

Rapid weight loss isn’t just a dream for people who are obese and want to lose some weight. Here are some quick but safe weight losing tips that can help you acquire the body that you want to have.

Remember that in your effort to lose weight you should avoid a drastic reduction of calorie intake. You need a healthy, balanced diet where losing weight is done gradually while still maintaining body nutrition.

In one of the Simpsons’ series, the family is taking a trip someplace. From the back seat, the children keep yelling at their parents, “Are we there yet?… Are we there yet?… ,” every few minutes causing grave distress to the parents. Your bathroom scale will be as frustrated with your “Are we there yet?” attitude, if you climb it too often to measure progress. Really, although your bathroom scale won’t get pissed with you, you’ll only frustrate yourself and erode your confidence in achieving your desired weight loss goal. So a realistic time span of one (1) week between measurements is recommended as opposed to everyday.

Making a healthy diet menu requires a bit of researching on the food ingredients to be included. There are certain diet plans that offer servings which completely eliminate the essentials along with fat, carbs and calories. Fast food salads can include your favorites but for having the best balance you require to know the correct amounts and essentials that are not only rich in tastes but also offer the best healthy serving.

It’s important to keep in mind that a regular exercise routine is not a free pass to indulge your food urges. You have to accept the fact that your body’s metabolism cannot keep up with overeating. To effectively control your weight, you need to cut back on calories and increase your physical activities. You might be able to burn a big lunch by spending time on a treadmill but you will not be able to eliminate your excess weight.

Be cautious about the kind of preservatives used in the preservation of the dog food in case you are purchasing: Preservatives might make dog foods more edible, you should avoid pet foods that contain chemical preservatives like BHA, BHT and ethixyquin. Vitamins C & E are better preservatives for the dog’s health.

Nutrition can be easy. The strategies in this article were designed to offer simple advice that will help you maintain good health by eating the right foods. Eating well is the best way to protect your body from sickness. Your body will thank you for following these tips to keep you looking and feeling healthy.

Chocolate cake, wine, beer, ice cream, and even bacon! Look into diets that discuss how you can stay healthy and what types of nutrients it will supply. Apart from natural fruits and normal diet you should take natural nutrition supplement.

Food and DrinkMy Personal List Of 5 Good Fats So Know Which Kind of Fat Is Good For You.

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