The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

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. . There could be something much deeper going on that’s causing your vitamin D deficiency. Check this out. 


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0:16 Vitamin D deficiency causes 
0:37 The Vitamin D receptor 
1:20 Immune modulation 
1:29 Pathogens and the vitamin D receptor 
2:10 Microbes that interfere with the vitamin D receptor
2:55 What is your vitamin D deficiency coming from?
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In this video, we’re going to talk about another important huge cause of a vitamin D deficiency. There are over 1 billion people on this planet that don’t have enough vitamin D. 

There are many reasons for this big problem. A few causes of a vitamin D deficiency are:

• You don’t get enough sun
• You’re sitting in front of a computer screen all of the time
• It’s almost impossible to get the vitamin D you need from food 
• You have insulin resistance 
• You consume a lot of sugar and refined carbs 

But there’s something else that’s very important going on. Vitamin D can only work if it connects to a receptor. There is something called the vitamin D receptor (VDR). A few vitamin D benefits are that it helps regulate calcium and supports bone health. But, that’s only a small part of what it does. 

The vitamin D receptor is responsible for 229 genes. So, this receptor has the ability to create a lot of different effects. A really big function of vitamin D is immune modulation. This means that it can control your immune system to a great extent. 

One of the primary strategies used by pathogens is called “successive infection,” which means it slows down the immune system by interfering with the vitamin D receptor. 

Some microbes that interfere with the vitamin D receptor:

• TB
• Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi) 
• Syphilis 
• Leprosy 

So, could your vitamin D deficiency be caused by a microbe shutting down the receptor, or could you have a vitamin D deficiency allowing these microbes to invade? If you have an infection, you may want to take vitamin D.

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Could this be the hidden cause of your vitamin D deficiency?

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The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency

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The Hidden Cause of Vitamin D Deficiency
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